In those times the people took great pride in their close ties to agriculture, which was the mainstay of the regions. For most, sunrise to sunset was spent planting, cultivating and harvesting the crops, tending the animals, and maintaining their olive groves. Delicious and lavish food, warmly shared with friends and family, was at the very center of their lives and served as a basis to the storytelling that deeply rooted generations in traditions and culture.

The beginning
Thunder Road Group, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Passionate by cooking the Guiseppe Tatulli opened a small family restaurant in their villa. Every family member was involved in the cooking tradition. The wheat to make homemade pasta and fresh crusty breads, fruits, vegetables as well as olives and olive oil were harvested from the family's own land. Hand crafted cold cuts, wonderful Italian cheese, produced by Tatulli family who made just a form a day from the milk of their small herds, always adorned the table.

The founder
Thunder Road Group, RAK, UAE
It is in 1955 the heritage
of our company began in the heart of Chianti, Tuscany, located few miles away from Florence.
The elder son of Guiseppe Tatulli, Lorenzo inherited the passion for restauration and committed to develop his family’s commerce widely. He extended the business to Milano, where he was living, in 1975. The concept of bonding the restaurant with gourmet shop was welcomed warmly by Milanese consumers. Then Lorenzo decided to open another restaurant & gourmet shop in Pavia, Lombardy. 
Thunder Road group RAK, UAE
Living the traditions
Thunder Road Group RAK, UAE
Road to RAK 

That being so, the Thunder Road RAK chain adopted a fusion of American-Italian cuisine and continued to honor its commitment to saying "no" to processed ingredients and saying "yes" to novelty and organic ingredients, which is the secret to its success. 


In 2015 Alessandro together with Francesco Romano, reputable Italian fine dining chef, brought his family business to the United Arab Emirates.

Steak house in Ras Al Khaimah
The American twist

In 1983 the son of Lorenzo Tatulli, Alessandro, the rebel biker in soul, took an epic trip to USA and ride the America’s oldest route 66 - Mother Road. The journey down the highway has left in him deep feelings about American people, their lifestyle and their food. Upon his return to Italy Alessandro decides to give an American twist to his restaurants’ menu with assortment of steaks. 

They have opened a family friendly restaurant and gourmet shop in and popular area of Ras Al Khaimah. The unique taste of Thunder Road Pizza & Grill’s food derived from Alessandro’s and Francesco’s passion for excellence, proved to be the impulse for the company's growth over the years to come. Today Alessandro is living his dream - his family commerce established itself in the UAE  and Middle East marketplace.

Taste The Best
Thunder Road Group, RAK, UAE